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Classic Automobile Appraisals

Appraisal Wise offers Certified Appraisals for your late model and classic vehicles.   If you are in need of a pre-inspection or purchase appraisal, Antique Auto Insurance policy valuation, Diminished Value or Prior to loss value appraisal, Appraisal Wise will provide you with the most professional, certified, fully documented and professionally photographed appraisal available in the industry.  Our clients are not only protected in the event of damage or loss, but also provided with a “show piece” quality Appraisal Report that includes a professional gallery of pictures that our clients enjoy showing off for years!

Estates & Probate

When someone passes away with a will or trust, most often the court will require an Appraisal on any assets for estate tax purposes and distribution of assets.  This must only be performed by a Certified Appraiser.  This Appraisal Report that probate courts require, involves a specific appraisal methodology mandated by USPAP.  Appraisal Wise has the credibility & experience to provide our clients the exact Certified Appraisal Solution to solve your problem. We know all the complexities typically involved when it becomes time to settle an estate.  Having that knowledge gives us the power to deliver the best appraisal experience possible.  Its important to hire an appraiser that knows what the courts want in a Certified Appraisal.  Many people may be experts in certain niche’s, but few posses the skills that a Certified Appraiser carries. In most local and state jurisdictions, if a will or trust is of substantial value, the court calls for an appraisal request from a certified appraiser. When dividing your assets in a fair way among heirs, an appraisal report can be an excellent tool in helping to ensure fairness- verified by an independent non bias third party.  Having a qualified appraiser at your location can help you from making the tragic mistake of throwing away something of meaningful value. A lot of collecting trends have changed drastically in the past 30 years especially with online markets and younger generations that are now starting to appreciate craftsmanship along with reusable responsibility.


Charitable Donation

Did you know that in the event of a large charitable donation, you have until the tax deadline of that taxable year to submit your Certified Appraisal?   The IRS also states that the appraisal cannot be prepared more than 60 days prior to your donation date.  For example, a donation made on December 1st, 2012 must have the appraisal completed no earlier than October 2nd, 2012 and must be submitted by April 15th 2013.  Mandatory thresholds for value of property donated requiring an appraisal with your tax returns are currently $5,000 per item/group of similar grouping.   Items valuing between $5,000 and $50,000 do not need the appraisal actually sent in, only kept with your returns as record in case needed.  Anything above $50,000 in value must be submitted by the tax deadline date.  We specialize in providing detailed, photographed appraisals for your donated property, to be used now or stored electronically if needed in years to come.


Divorce Appraisals

Divvying up everything from your beautiful wedding china set, to the vehicles and assets you’ve attained together typically becomes one of the most difficult portions of a divorce.   A Certified Personal Property Appraisal should be completed for any items of value that you and your spouse have accumulated since marrying when determining equitable division of your assets.   There are many states that also consider “inter-spousal” gifts, jewelry, collectibles and other gifts, marital property and it can become part of the division of assets.  Protect your self during this process.   A personal property appraisal will insure the true value of the assets divided is documented and certified, and help preserve the fairness within the process.​

Insurance Appraisals

Do you know how much your valuables are worth?   Often, it’s much more than our clients initially think.  Taking the time to identify those items of value within your home and have a certified appraisal completed will allow you the peace of mind when scheduling these items on your homeowners / personal property insurance policy.  Many insurance policies will limit the amount scheduled for your most important items, but providing a certified appraisal can schedule your valuables at the appropriate limit, assuring you proper compensation peace in the unfortunate event of a loss.


Appraisal Wise’s professional appraisers understand that in your current situation, every dollar and cent count, and know that appropriate appraisals are key during the process.   A certified appraisal will help insure the court establishes a fair assessment of the value of your assets involved.  Our team upholds the highest level of discretion and understanding while working with our clients.  While certain property can be taken as a Federal or State exemption during the bankruptcy process, there are a number of things that are not considered "exempt" and may be sold to satisfy creditors.  Examples include - A second motor vehicle; family heirlooms over a certain value; collections such as paintings, stamps, coins, etc.; and equipment for use in trade or business.   It is imperative that a certified appraisal be completed on these items insuring the fair market value of both the exempted and non-exempted property is obtained.  


Do you have a special collection that fills your free time?  Whether you collect  antique marbles, or vintage Star Wars figures, you need to have your collection cataloged, and appraised. A certified appraisal will protect your collections value, in the event of casualty loss or theft loss. This would include fire, flood, burglary, storms etc...How much do you LOVE your collection?  We can create a custom, hard bound catalog featuring your collection! Imagine a beautiful full color book with professional photos featuring your beloved hobby.

Transit Related or Insurance Casualty

This occurs while your property is "in transit" - for example, during a household move.  Appraisal Wise services both, the Shipper, or the owner of the goods being moved, as well as Carrier and Moving companies, in determining value, documenting and photographing the property, and helping to support the claim for damages.  We are experienced in working with these type of claim situations, and are able to provide an opinion of pre-incident market value (just prior to the loss), consider any pre-existing damage to the property, and also provide an estimate of repair costs and replacement value and cost.  Our Appraisal Wise team has helped many clients locate a qualified repairperson for damages to their treasures within our vast network of specialist.

Expert Witness

Appraisal Wise offers service to the legal community as a consultant in matters relating to appraisal principles and methodology, as well as assistance in cases requiring deposition or testimony in court.   Our team is professional and un-bias, remaining objective in all situations.  We promise responsiveness, and understand the time necessary to properly prepare for trial and deposition.  We hold as our responsibility as Certified Appraisers, to follow the uniform standard and provide valuation terminology that is legally acceptable and easily interpreted.   Appraisal Wise can provide help in understanding value theory, principles and practices, as well as USPAP - Uniform Standards or Professional Appraisal Practice.  We will also be your resource in understanding the property being litigated and any value characteristics, it's rarity, provenance, etc.   

Antiques, Fine Art, & Jewelry

Appraisal Wise has the experience to identify, value and handle with care the rarest, and most valuable collectibles.   We offer appraisal services for single pieces or entire estates for insurance, tax or estate purposes.   Acquiring or selling, Appraisal Wise is your resource for consultation on antiques, fine art and jewelry.  Our clients look to us when managing their estate for planning, tax verification, insurance purposes or to assist in any legal disputes.  We also work with may folks that are just plain curious what their valuable is worth!  We provide a professionally presented Certified Appraisal, including full color photos of your pieces or collections.  Our certified report will include full descriptions, and educate our client on markings, rarity, and history.  Our reports value the replacement cost to your pieces in the case of partial or total damage, and can also provide a revised value of your piece after restoration.     

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